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For some years now, I've been providing blockchain and cybersecurity consulting for various projects and  businesses in financial services, healthcare and retail. The ideas and pending projects I'm privy to are going to change our lives and I'm proud to be involved.

I take on projects that benefit people and the ecosystem.

Book your time with me and let's start your journey right.

Blockchain Education & Training

According to LinkedIn, job postings for blockchain has seen close to 400% growth

in from 2020-2021, and it is expected to keep on growing. The growing focus on blockchain technology and the ever-growing interest has created a need for blockchain education. 


The courses run from one day training to detail courses. 

Start your journey right and book your courses now!

Also check out courses and events available at BWBC Academy by visiting:

Cybersecurity Training

Whether it is the metaverse, web3 or in real world, cybersecurity will always be important.  Make security part of your business, project or platform today.


Learn cybersecurity prevention and defensive tactics to implement for your projects or organization,


Book your time with me to build your cybersecurity resiliency.

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